Payday 2 Cheats For PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 Xbox One Linux

Payday 2 Cheats For PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 PlayStation 4 Xbox One Linux

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[Payday 2] The Lowest Cheater in Payday 2 Ever

Edit: I am almost emotional for hitting 100k views. Thank you, really. This is a huge milestone that I have already reached at just 1.4k subs. I thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who watched and subscribed.
Edit: 500k views? People still play this game? Sheeesh. To celebrate this milestone I decided to update the description as it was, well. Very outdated.

How low can you go?
This is just something I put together out of boredom, I was thinking of deleting the footage, but an idea struck. Enjoy 😉

Song used at the start and the end :
Zagrebacka from the Overkill B-Sides soundtracks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH3hdwIeKnk

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Returning To Payday 2 On The Xbox 360 . . .

Yeah, you read that title right – I decided to finally revisit Payday 2 on the Xbox 360, nearly 4 years after the only video I made on that version of the game, in order to see what has changed for the game since its early days – the best part is I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would . . . or is that the worst part? Who knows . . . Unleash your inner gamer: Dive into game snes online.

As always, your thoughts and opinions on everything in this video are very much appreciated, so leave them down in the comments section below!

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Enjoy guys 😀

Payday 2 – Invincibility – ALL Maps – EASY!

Hi guys, this is how to do the invincibility glitch in Payday 2. This glitch will work on any level, even escapes. If you find the video helpful then please show some love and hit that Like button.

All you need is a surface (when crouched) that you can’t stand up under. It can be a desk, table, barrier (like the taped one in the Art Gallery) or things like open car doors…..anything that you can’t stand up under.

Just remember, when you’re in the glitch, stay crouched. If you stand up, you’ll be out of the glitch. This glitch will help you level up faster and get you a lot of in-game money.

I have no idea if this works on the PC or Xbox versions, but it definitely works on the PS3 version of the game.

I hope this video helps you all out.

All the very best.



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