buyakia’s Review of Counter-Strike: Source

buyakia’s Review of Counter-Strike: Source

buyakia’s Review of Counter-Strike: Source. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own!

GameSpot Reviews – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

It’s new, it’s old, it’s still great.

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So I played Counter Strike Source for the first time on stream last weekend and decided to turn it into a vid mainly so you guys can see what its like and whos still playing it in 2020! This is pretty much what csgo was before it was released in 2012 and hasn’t been updated since early 2019, but still suprising worked very well and was pretty fun to play! Hope you guys enjoy!

Watch the live replay of this vid: https://youtu.be/g5_ukCkYIWI
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CS:S is better than CS:GO

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0:00 Glasses
0:36 Table
0:48 Best website
1:24 Pictures
1:33 Hostages
1:46 Ragdoll
2:07 Door handles
2:22 Flashlight
2:37 Particles
2:58 Splashes on the water
3:13 Sleeves
3:37 Physics (boxes)
3:54 Tires
4:12 Barrels
4:30 Lamps
4:44 Fire extinguishers
5:00 Soda machine
5:22 Sprays
5:35 Smoke
5:51 C4 explosions
6:42 Nightvision

✂️ Video made by:
inc https://youtube.com/incHS

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A Critical Review – Counter Strike Source

Some things in life can be taken for granted, but none more so than the beauty of simplicity. Counter Strike Source is one of the few games out there that sticks to this philosophy. No complicated bullshit, just hairy, greasy, badly dressed hombres hunting each other.

The music is all listed during the credits at the very end of the video.