Armored Core V

Armored Core V

Armored Core V is the newest entry in the Armored Core series featuring team-based online modes.

Armored Core V TEM I Tournament Highlight Matches 1

Highlight matches from the TEM I (Tournament of the European Master) Tournament.

Armored Core V

Armored core Verdict Day – Vengeance vs Reaper Squad

As the title says I’m doing a battle simulation of Vengeance fighting the Reaper Squad.

In case you want to know a bit more, Vengeance was specifically made for AC combat, so I was pretty much prepared for it, I completely copied out his Schematics and tried a bit on his color scheme.

Using Vendetta would probably make the battle longer since jack batty equipped the AC with the first generation pulse machine gun and rifle. but the extension of the Ammunition would probably be a lot more preferable in comparison to Vengeance.

Armored Core V / HD / No Commentary / XBOX 360 / Playthrough 1

The game is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic war in which the Resistance is engaged in an all out war against the so-called “FATHER” and his Corporation. Gameplay and story are featured differently from all the other games in the Armored Core series. Each mission in the story contains voice-over narration that depicts the history involving the events in Armored Core V and how the player character and his group approaches every situation. The in-game environments of the story missions are based in war torn cities, harbors, deserted ancient facilities, and post-apocalyptic wasteland.


Armored Core V – God vs Irrelephancy (Off) [#ACV]

—– Armored Core V —–
Here’s a video of us losing terribly to God while on Offense. We all decided to try out some of the more common builds online. This is the first time you guys see me step out of my element. 😉 Enjoy.